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Axis Health Brand Refresh & Digital Experience

Revitalized Axis Health’s digital presence by transitioning from a traditional WordPress site to a dynamic Shopify e-commerce platform.

Axis Health is an integrated healthcare equipment and services provider for the Australian and New Zealand healthcare market. Our tailored delivery solution provides specialized support to help simplify healthcare delivery with safety and efficiency. With an extensive product range, combining local design and manufacturing with market leading global brands, Axis Health continues to build an extensive reputation within Acute Care, Aged Care & Assisted Home Living and Primary Care.


Axis Health, a leading supplier of medical equipment and consumables, had a traditional website built on WordPress. As their product range expanded, they needed a more dynamic platform to cater to their growing needs.


The goal was to refresh the Axis Health brand and enhance the digital experience for their customers by transforming their traditional website into a robust e-commerce platform.


We decided to migrate their website from WordPress to Shopify. This decision was driven by Shopify’s e-commerce capabilities and its ability to provide a seamless user experience.


The transition involved a complete overhaul of the website structure, design, and content. We ensured that the new site retained the brand’s identity while introducing new features to improve navigation and user interaction. The brand refresh was implemented through a new design language that reflected Axis Health’s commitment to quality and customer service.


The revamped website now serves as a dynamic e-commerce platform, offering a seamless shopping experience for Axis Health’s customers. The transformation has not only improved the site’s functionality but also its aesthetic appeal, aligning with the refreshed brand image.